Low poly adventure game like no other

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Do you know James?


Remember James? Which James, you might wonder. So do these three characters. The name James has been stuck in their heads for years and they decided to find answers. Join them in the adventure of their lifetime. Set in the world of polygons, this game tells a story of three shapes who became friends on their quest to find the truth — to find James. While searching for James, they will experience mind bending puzzles and witness eye-catching scenery. Some say their friendship was a lucky accident, but was it? Who is this James they are looking for?

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- multiple characters

- low poly design

- mind bending storyline

- interesting logical puzzles

- three different game mechanics 

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Early 2019

Windows and macOS

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We are a small game development studio located in Zagreb, Croatia. With great passion for games, we truly enjoy the art of making games.

Our games are developed with help of Machina Academy.